Hall Of Champions and Father’s Day Party

We headed down south, first stopping into the San Diego Hall Of Champions at Balboa Park. Gavin enjoys seeing all the baseball memoribilia. Then we continued down to Kristel’s house to celebrate Father’s Day with the family.


Jen’s Birthday Swim Party

We were invited to Jen and Adam’s house up in Alpine to celebrate Jen’s birthday. The boys had a blast swimming and the food was delicious!


Monsters At The Museum Of Man

We spent the afternoon at the Museum of Man, enjoying the exhibit about monsters of various cultures and digging in mock archaeological sites.


Papi’s Graduation BBQ

Celebrating Papi’s high school graduation with a BBQ at Kristel’s house.


Shelter Island

The family and I enjoying a nice walk along the shore of Shelter Island, on the north side of the San Diego Bay inlet. We saw a sea lion chilling in a small boat launch area.


Papi’s High School Graduation

Congratulations to Papi on graduating high school! All most all of his family was able to attend the ceremony. He is off to UTI in Rancho Cucamonga to study diesel mechanics.