So Many Pumpkins

Checking out the pumpkins at Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center. It was way too hot for October.


Gavin’s Award Ceremony

Gavin was awarded a special Turtleback Elementary certificate for “Trustworthiness” and Aliciana was on hand to capture the moment. Gavin didn’t look too excited to be up in front of the whole school.


Baby Hector’s Baby Shower

The Loera Clan celebrating the soon-to-be arrival of Kristel’s new baby boy, Hector Chacon.


Hanging Out At The Zoo


Grandma’s 93rd Birthday

The Ladd clan celebrated the 93rd birthday of their matriarch, Marjorie Ladd, A.K.A. Grandma.

Unfortunately, my wife and boys had to head back down to San Diego before the party at P.F. Chang’s, because Gavin had school the next day. I got to stay in Bakersfield a few extra days because they needed me on-site at work.