Fall Ball: Royal Heaters vs Poway


Halloween 2019

Connor was José Altuve of the Astros and Gavin was the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani.


Fall Ball: Poison Ivy vs Rancho Bernardo

Gavin pitched the last inning, getting all three outs with strike outs.


Fall Ball: Royal Heaters vs Poway


Fall Ball: Poison Ivy vs Carmel Mountain

Gavin was brought in with bases loaded and got 2 strikeouts. Then he pitched the next inning and rang up another two Ks.

One of Gavin’s strikeouts:


Beating The Heat

Staying cool at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.


First Day Of 6th And 3rd Grade

It’s hard to believe Gavin is already in middle school, starting 6th grade at Oak Valley. Connor is excited to be in Mrs Cunningham’s class for 3rd grade this year at Turtleback. Have a great school year boys!


Chicago: Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve

We filled the time before our flight home by going for a hike in an Illinois forest. Then we visited beautiful Lake Katherine and the creatures at its nature center and gardens.


Chicago: History Museum and Lincoln Park

The family and I learned all about Chicago in their city’s history museum. After it closed, we walked though Lincoln park and briefly visited the zoo in the park, before it closed for the day.


Chicago: Cubs

I actually wasn’t a big fan of Wrigley Field, which was small and many of the seats had obstructed views. We had some of the highest seats in the stadium, and it still cost a fortune.

But, the Cubs fans made up for the stadium’s deficiencies. It was a sold out crowd that watched and cheered for every pitch. When the Cubs beat the Brewers, the atmosphere was electric.

Afterward the game, we visited the Cubs’ World Series trophy.