Backyard Baseball

The boys have to keep their skills sharp, even though it is the off-season.


A Zoo Trip

We went to the zoo to see the new parts of the Africa Rocks section, but it turned out that they didn’t have many more animals on display. I think all the animals were getting acclimated to their new homes. We did manage to see a few honey badgers and some vervet monkeys.


Halloween 2017

I was stuck in training at my new job, so I didn’t get to attend the Halloween parade this year at Turtleback. Luckily, Aliciana was on hand to take pictures of all the kids and their teachers dressed up.

Our boys looked cute dressed up as Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, two of their favorite MLB stars.


Turtleback Harvest Festival

The boys having fun with their buddies at the annual Turtleback Harvest Festival.


Character Counts

Every other year, the “Life Lessons Character Counts” after-school program is taught by Turtleback’s own ninja kindergarten teachers, Mrs Flinn and Mrs Stamp. Gavin has now completed the program three times, but this was Connor’s first time graduating from the program. Both boys had a blast!


Hector’s 3rd Birthday

The baby of the Loera clan turned 3 years old.