100 Days Of School

Connor and some of his buddies celebrating the 100th day of school with some crazy shirts. Connor had 100 robots stamped on his shirt… which took him and Aliciana quite some time to create.


Valentine’s Day Cornholes

Hammering and painting at the local Home Depot.


Crystal Cove State Park

The boys had the day off of school, so I took a day off as well and we decided to drive up the southern California coast.

After stopping by the Dana Point harbor, we ended up driving north to Crystal Cove State Park, which is just past Laguna Beach. We all had fun exploring the tide pools and throwing around the baseball.


Poway Winter Festival

The “snow” they had to play with was more like crushed ice, and was packed with kids going crazy. Connor ended up taking an ice ball in the head, so we decided this wasn’t the best place to spend our time. Instead, we did some winter themed crafts, which the boys enjoyed much better.


Dr Seuss Christmas Tree

It has become a bit of a tradition for us to go to The Old Globe in Balboa Park and see the Dr Seuss Christmas tree. Afterwards, we spent the afternoon at the Fleet Science Center.


Wandering Around The San Diego Embarcadero

We started off at the “Embracing Peace” statue by the Midway, and then worked our way down the waterfront to Seaport Village.