Gavin’s 5th Grade Promotion

It feels like just yesterday that we were dropping off our little “Bub” Gavin at kindergarten. But he’s not so little anymore and is ready to go conquer Oak Valley Middle School.

We couldn’t be more proud of Gavin. He got a Presidential Outstanding Academics award, a Reading Olympics Silver award (for reading 5000 pages and running 75 miles), and was discharged from Safety Patrol as a Staff Sergeant.

Most importantly, Gavin is a good kid with a big heart, who is trying his hardest everyday to grow into an amazing human.

We love you Gavin! Congratulations!


2nd Grade Performance

Connor’s performance took us all around the globe this year. The kids dressed up in the cultural attire of their ancestors and sang songs from around the world.


5th Grade Band Concert

Gavin wrapped up his clarinet career with his final performance of the year. I think the band really improved since their first concert.


Walkabout Safari

Another beautiful day at the Safari Park, hanging with wallabies, goats, and gorillas.


Mother’s Day 2019

The boys had fun at Tia Kristel’s house celebrating Mother’s Day and Connor’s birthday.


Birthday Dessert

Celebrating Connor’s birthday with some sugar.


Little League: River Bandits vs Iron Pigs

Gavin had a great game, getting several hits and looking amazing out in the field while playing 3rd and LF. The Bandits won the game when it was called due to a mercy rule: 17 to 2.


Ninja Connor

Connor had a little graduation program for his Life Lessons classes he participated in though the school. He showed off his karate skills and the instructors demonstrated the different character lessons they taught.


Butterfly Jungle

I took the boys to see Butterfly Jungle at the Safari Park, which is an aviary where they have different species of butterflies flying around inside with you.

While waiting in line, one of the zoo keepers was offering samples of mealworms and crickets to taste. Gavin went for the mealworm, and said it tasted like popcorn. Connor was disgusted.


Little League: Blue Jays vs Padres

Big brother Gavin helped Connor warm up before the game.