Christmas Eve Safari

We went by the Safari Park to see if all the animals were ready for Santa to come visit. The tigers didn’t act very excited, they were just taking naps or just laying around.

The next stop was the goat corral, where we gave them got a nice brushing, so they would look nice for Santa. We finished off our visit by watching the elephants, rhinos, and giraffes roam around.


Christmas Time At The Zoo

We visited the koalas and then wandered around the new Africa Rocks section of the zoo until the sun went down. Once it was dark, we got to enjoy all the Christmas lights and decorations that lit up the park for the holidays, part of their annual “Jungle Bells” celebration.


Santa Visits Teradata

Santa took the day off preparing for Christmas to visit the Teradata Holiday party for families. The boys had a blast doing crafts, and eating pizza and lots of sweets. I even got to show the boys my desk and give them a tour of the Teradata campus.


Exploring At Balboa Park

We spent a nice lazy Saturday at Balboa Park. First, we explored a new collection at the Nat. The had all sorts of stuff from their archives on display.

Next, we decided to get some fresh air, so we headed over to the beautiful Japanese Friendship Garden. It was so peaceful among the koi fish and waterfalls.


Thanksgiving 2017

The boys had lots of fun playing with the dogs at our traditional Thanksgiving gathering at the Loera house. Papi and Reina came down from Phoenix and brought their two dogs and a friend’s puppy.

The food was delicious, with both a ham and turkey, and all the traditional sides like my favorite: green bean casserole.


Backyard Baseball

The boys have to keep their skills sharp, even though it is the off-season.