Our House: Pre-Foundation

On the way to my Aunt Susie’s house for some great barbecue and a fireworks show we decided to stop by our future home to record the progress. It is completely trenched and the builders should be pouring the foundation any day now. It really is starting to feel like we are getting a house now that I can walk on the lot and see actual progress.


Circus Time

Aliciana, my brother Nick, his girlfriend Jessie, and I went to the circus today. I don’t know about it being “The Greatest Show On Earth” but it was definitely entertaining. I would have to say the highlight of the show for me were the elephants who would stand on each other’s backs. It is amazing to see such large animals in action.


Our House: Foundation

The foundation to our dream house has been laid! The frame is next, which the workers have started to piece together. We are going to try to chronical the whole building process and make an album about the birth of our house.


Pre-Wedding: Sea World

My “bachelor party” started in the morning with a trip to Sea World. We all had a good time and we all managed to not get sun burnt right before the wedding. The party continued on that evening with a trip to Dave and Buster’s which is an arcade down in San Diego (and elsewhere). I didn’t have a traditional “bachelor’s party”, my future wife was there, along with various other female friends. There was no strippers or debauchery. In other words, everyone had a great time, which is exactly what I wanted.


Post-Wedding: We Survived

We lived through the wedding and everything seemed to turn out great. There was a few chaotic moments but what wedding with 150 guests doesn’t have those? Lots of people we talked to said the ceremony was beautiful and that they had tons of fun at the reception. And, at the end of the day, I had the most beautiful bride in the whole world. What more could I ask for?

We had all of Sunday to lay around and recover before leaving on our honeymoon. Once we got going we spent much of the day opening wedding presents at my new in-laws’ house.


Honeymoon: Boarding The Boat

After assuring the Department of Homeland Security we weren’t terrorists several times they finally let us on the boat. Waiting for us in our room was the first of several towel animals. Aliciana ends up hiding them everyday in the closet so she can study their construction before the steward has a chance to take them.