Gavin Has His Own Website

You can now access all things Gavin at www.gavinladd.com which for the time being will just redirect to Gavin’s category on my blog. But, eventually he will have his own blog there… at least when he learns to type. I hope Gavin will be one of the first people to have the same blog from his ultrasound pictures all the way up to adulthood.


Random Gavin Photos

Here are some pictures taken during the last 3 weeks with Aliciana’s camera:

If that isn’t enough photos of my beautiful son for you, there are more pictures here on my brother and his wife’s Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dslrnovice/sets/72157604578219496/


Run-a-dub-dub Gavin In The Tub


All Dressed Up

Gavin looks ready to go to a job interview with his polo shirt and matching pants. It is never too soon to put the kids to work 😉




Baseball Game


Gavin is 2 months old


Where is all the stuff going?

For the people who actually read this blog and haven’t heard yet, my little family is moving from Mercer Island, WA (by Seattle) to Bakersfield, CA.

Gavin is supervising the packing laborers to make sure we do it all correctly.


Fun With Daddy’s Socks


U-Haul Sucks… Ryan Rocks

Moving out of Seattle was a less than desirable experience. We got behind a day because everything didn’t fit into the U-Haul. We lost a second day because our apartment’s elevator broke down for 4 hours while I was repacking the U-Haul. Then, we finally get ready to hit the road, I gas up the U-Haul across the street, and we are making the trek off Mercer Island when the back wheel flies off the auto transport!

I’m lucky the wheel didn’t kill somebody or fly off while I was going 60 mph and kill my family, who were traveling right behind me. We end up having U-Haul bring out a new auto transport and we reload the truck. That cost us 6 hours which made it too late for Aliciana to drive alone with Gavin. He was carted around all day in his stroller and has had it with moving.

My buddy Ryan came to the rescue by driving the U-Haul and new auto transport for 21 hours straight to Bakersfield. Did I mention that Ryan is crazy?

Aliciana, Gavin, and I, in our Acura loaded with baby accessories, made it to Eugene, Oregon at 2:00am. We had another stop over in Redding the next night and finally made it into Bakersfield at 8:00pm on Friday. Ryan flew back to Seattle on Friday morning and was back in Seattle before we even got to Bakersfield.

I hope I never have to move long distances again.