Easter 2010

The Ladd clan got together for an Easter potluck at Aunt Susie’s house. Gavin had a blast hunting for Easter eggs in Aunt Susie’s beautiful backyard ferns.


Gavin’s 2nd Birthday

By Aliciana:

It’s hard to believe that our beautiful boy is already two years old. We had a pizza party with Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Ladd. Pizza is Gavin’s favorite food and he ate two whole pieces. He didn’t leave much room for Great Grandma’s yummy homemade cake (or our less yummy store bought cake).


LA Zoo Trip

We took Gavin to the LA Zoo to celebrate his 2nd birthday. The parking was horrible because of all the construction going on at the zoo. But, once we finally got into the zoo, Gavin had a good time looking at all the animals. His favorite animals were the birds, especially the cassowary.


Water Table Fun


Gavin Likes Ketchup


Raul’s 6th Grade Graduation


Graduation and Father’s Day Cakes


Fourth of July

By Aliciana:

During our 4th of July festivities, Grandpa & Grandma Ladd wanted to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday, Mervyn Morris, by lighting 90 candles for his 90th birthday.


Playing at Grandpa & Grandma’s

By Aliciana:


San Diego Zoo