Birch Aquarium


Gavin Opening His Presents

Gavin was up bright and early for his 5th birthday. He was quite excited it was his birthday and that I took the day off to have fun with him.


Birthday Trip To The Zoo

Gavin wanted to see the polar bear for his birthday. We saw some other animals and bears while we were hiking to the back of the zoo where the polar bears live.


Birthday Party At La Bella’s

Gavin wanted to eat his favorite food, pizza, for his birthday. So we had everyone over to La Bella’s for pizza and games. Gavin discovered his love of air hockey. He also loved his Dodger birthday cake.


Urban Camouflage

Connor practicing at being a ninja.


Kayla’s Wedding

Congratulations to my cousin Kayla and her new husband Eleazar!

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast. My brother flew in from New York so it was also nice to spend the weekend catching up with him. The boys had a blast playing with Uncle Nick and all their other family.