Holiday Fun At Knott’s Berry Farm

We visited Knott’s Berry Farm in order to see Snoopy On Ice. The program and all the festive decorations are a nice way to get into the holiday season. Eddie and Sally were able to come along and share in the fun.


Birthday Goats

This year, we decided to hang out at the Safari Park for my birthday. Nothing says party time like a bunch of goats 🙂


2nd Grade Multicultural Festival

Aliciana snapped some photos of the Multicultural Festival put together by the 2nd grade classes at Turtleback.

Every 2nd grader brought in a traditional food item from one of the countries of their ancestors. Gavin brought one of my favorite foods from Germany: bratwurst. Delicious!


Christmas Eve In Bakersfield

We traveled to Bakersfield to hang out with Grandma and the rest of the Bakersfield clan for Christmas Eve. All the family gathered at Uncle Steve and Aunt Elisa’s house for Christmas sweets.


Christmas Day Unwrappings

Christmas morning photos at our place and afternoon photos from Eddie and Sally’s house.