Gavin Wins A Character Award

Gavin won a character award from Turtleback for “fairness”, which Aliciana was able to see him get awarded. Every month, the principal awards students who represent one of Turtleback’s character pillars.


Valentine’s Day Army

Connor gave out Valentine’s Day robots this year in his preschool class. Here they are gathered the day before his party, plotting a takeover of the house.


Preschool Valentine’s Day Party

Pictures taken by Aliciana of the preschoolers having a blast at their party. They made heart shaped pancakes with strawberries, as well as doing other fun crafts.


2nd Grade Valentine’s Day Party

Aliciana took photos while helping out at Gavin’s Valentine’s Day party.


Quick Safari Park Trip

Connor and I had some one-on-one time together at the Safari Park. I was too busy trying to keep track of Connor to take many photos (it was just me and him) but we had a blast exploring the park together.


Exploring At The Discovery Cube

The boys exploring and having fun at the Discovery Cube.