Little League: Pirates vs Rays


Soccer: Ninja Tigers vs Team 4


Levi’s 1st Birthday Party

We spent a long weekend in Bakersfield so the boys could visit their Great Grandma and the rest of our Bakersfield Ladd family. On Sunday we all gathered at a local park to celebrate Levi’s 1st birthday, who is my cousin Kayla’s little boy. He had a blast eating his Mickey Mouse cake!


Gavin’s 8th Birthday

It’s hard to believe my little “Bub” is already 8 years old. The time has gone by so fast but he has turned into a wonderful little boy. Children really do grow up too fast!

Gavin got to open his presents in the morning and then we spent the early afternoon at Connor’s soccer game. We spent the late afternoon at the San Diego Natural History Museum checking out the new Whales exhibit. Then we went out to dinner for Gavin’s favorite meal: pizza at Woodstock’s.


Soccer: Ninja Tigers vs Green Machine


Soccer: Ninja Tigers vs Red Lava