Minecraft Birthday Party

This year Gavin (turning 8) and Connor (turning 5) both wanted a Minecraft themed birthday party. Because Connor’s birthday fell on Mother’s Day this year, we decided it was a good idea for the boys to combine their celebrations. Poor Steve succumbed to the typical fate of a piñata.


Soccer: Ninja Tigers vs Ninja Fireballs


Little League: Pirates vs Nationals


Connor’s 5th Birthday

My “Dokie” is 5 years old, already loving school (preschool) and planning on becoming a Robot Engineer. I hope he never loses his love of art projects, creating new things, and figuring out how existing things work. I have no doubt he will make a brilliant engineer one day.

This year Connor had to share his birthday with Mother’s Day, so we opened up his presents in the morning and then headed south for a get together with family. All the Loera clan ended up at Kristel’s house, where we ate an assortment of meats and the kid’s bounced on the giant trampoline.

As the evening progressed a water balloon fight broke out… luckily we keep spare clothes in the car for the boys. Eddie ended up going nuclear, and getting a few of the older nephews with the hose 😉 Unfortunately, I failed to capture photographic evidence of the chaos.


Little League: Pirates vs Angels

Connor was suppose to have his last game of the season, but the other team never showed up. I guess they didn’t get the memo. On the plus side, his team got a chance to just run around and play together.

Then it was off from the soccer fields at Willow Grove Elementary to the baseball fields at 4S Ranch Sports Park, where Gavin faced the Angels.


Picnic and a Hike

We had a quick picnic lunch at a nearby park and then went for a leisurely hike at the Blue Sky Reserve. It was a beautiful day to be out in nature.