Soccer: Dinosaurs vs Blue Dragons


Art Of The Brick

We got to see “The Art of the Brick“, a special exhibit at the Fleet showcasing the work of artist Nathan Sawaya. All the pieces were made with Lego bricks, which blew the boys’ minds. Of course, after getting inspired they had to stop by the hands on section where they could make their own Lego creations.


Soccer: Dinosaurs vs Gators

It was Connor’s last soccer game for the season. After the game, we all gathered at a nearby park for snacks and to hand out trophies to the boys.


Little League: TNT vs Green

This was Gavin’s last fall ball game. He can’t wait for the spring season to start!


Building At Legoland

The boys wanted to visit Legoland to build at their various Lego build stations, so we headed over to Carlsbad. We also got to check out the Christmas decorations.


A Quick Zoo Trip

While we weren’t at the zoo very long, we did get to see a cute baby gerenuk and a very bored looking polar bear. I also got to say ‘hi’ to one of my favorite animals: capybaras.