Animals: Machines In Motion

My family and I have visited theNat to see the special exhibit “Animals: Machines In Motion”. The boys had a lot of fun learning about how the bodies of various animals have adapted and work.

We learned a lot about teeth, how animals fly, and how a giraffe’s heart can pump blood all the way up to its head. We also marveled at the size of Sue, the largest and most complete T-Rex skeleton yet found.


Kindergarten Holiday Performance and Party

Connor and the rest of the kindergarten kiddos did a great job singing at their holiday performance. Afterwards, they headed back to class to enjoy hot chocolate and build some fun crafts.

The kindergarten kids singing their hearts out:

Fun and chaos at the after performance party:


Christmas Ornaments At The Timken

We headed over to Balboa Park for some Christmas cheer. First we stopped by the Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree (he was a local of La Jolla). Then we headed to the Timken Art Museum to check out a special display of hand crafted Christmas ornaments.

We also walked though the museum to look at the paintings. Connor really studied them, trying to figure out all the brush strokes.


Christmas 2016

Present unwrapping pandemonium with our boys in the morning, and in the evening with the whole Loera clan at Eddie and Sally’s house.


After Christmas Legoland

We made a trip to Legoland so the boys could enjoy some special Christmas holiday events going on. They colored some Christmas tree ornaments and did a scavenger hunt to earn a few holiday pop badges.


The Zoo

We met Aliciana’s sister Kristel and all her monkeys at the zoo. Their cousin Xavi was in town, so they decided to show him the world famous animals.

The highlight of the trip was the baby hippo, who was swimming circles with her mom. Connor busted up when the baby kept trying to bite her mom’s butt.