Building Tic-Tac-Toe Boxes

All of these Home Depot workshops are turning my boys into good little builders.


Field Day 2017

Aliciana took some photos while helping out at Turtleback’s Field Day. It looks like all the kids (and teachers) had fun!


Daddy Day In Kindergarten

All the dads in the Room 5 family were invited to a Daddy Day celebration in the morning. Connor and the other Room 5 kids performed a cute play and sang us songs. Then we all got to go outside and enjoy a donut. Yummy!

The kiddos singing to us:


Dwarf Trees

Of all the times we have been to the Safari Park, we had never hiked up to the Bonsai Pavilion. So, after a stop off to see the tigers, we continued all the way up the hill to see the little trees. We also took a stroll though the Epiphyllum House, Baja Garden, and Nativescapes Garden.

The 3rd photo below was taken by Connor, and the 4th by Gavin. That’s why they are from a little lower perspective.


Creepy Animal People

We visited the Museum Of Man to see the new “Living with Animals” exhibit. While there was some interesting information, it was pretty sparse. The exhibit seemed more like an art show of creepy looking humanoid animals. The little dressed up mice were pretty cute though.

We also stopped by the Monsters! exhibit, which is one of the boys’ favorites. They have a giant magnet wall where you can combine various animal parts to make your own monster creations.


Father’s Day 2017

The boys always have fun at their Tía Kristel’s house… especially if water is involved.