Valentine’s Day Cornholes

Hammering and painting at the local Home Depot.


100 Days Of School

Connor and some of his buddies celebrating the 100th day of school with some crazy shirts. Connor had 100 robots stamped on his shirt… which took him and Aliciana quite some time to create.


Little League Practice

The Little League season has begun. Connor has moved up to the single A level this year. He is on the Padres again, with the same coaches as his t-ball team, and with many of the players from last season.

Gavin is in AA again this season. This season, all the AA teams are named after Minor League teams. Gavin is on the Scrappers, with a cool bulldog logo. Even though the season just started, he already had a scrimmage versus another team.


Cabrillo Tide Pools

Looking for sea life and pestering hermit crabs at the tide pools in Cabrillo National Monument.


2nd Grade Valentine’s Party

I was on hand to help out at Connor’s Valentine’s Day party in Mrs Dastrup’s class. I also stopped in to say hi to Gavin, who was in the classroom across the hall.


Little League Scrimmage

Connor and the rest of the Single-A Padres had a scrimmage verses the Mets. He had a good game, getting 3 hits!