Connor’s 1st Grade Performance

The first graders performed a collection of classic Disney tunes for their annual performance. Connor even had a small speaking part between two of the songs.


Little League Games


Connor’s 7th Birthday Party

We had a little celebration at Eddie and Sally’s house for the boys’ birthdays.


Gavin’s 4th Grade Performance

The fourth grade kids started off by playing 3 songs on their recorders. Then they did a play with lots of songs about the gold rush, called “Gold Dust or Bust”.

Rockin’ the recorder:

A few songs from their play:


Aliciana Wins Volunteer Of The Year

My wife was awarded Turtleback’s Volunteer of the year at the Friday Flag assembly. Her friend CJ made sure she was at school, by saying she had some tax documents she needed Aliciana to review after the assembly. So, Aliciana was surprised when she got the award.

I also got videos of the kids doing their class cheers during the assembly:


Another Baseball Saturday


Walkabout Australia

We started off with a visit with the Tigers, then took a walkabout in the new Australia section of the Safari Park. As part of the new area, there is an enclosure you can walk around in with some kangaroos and wallabies. I got some great pictures of the little (and not so little) guys.


1st Grade Field Trip To The Zoo

The 1st grade classes got to go on a field trip to the San Diego Zoo. I helped out as a chaperone, and managed to not lose any of the kids I was in charge of.


4th Grade Gold Rush Day

The 4th graders have been studying the gold rush this year, and had a fun end-of-year celebration. They got to pan for “gold” and go on wagon rides. Gavin got thrown in jail for gold theft, but it was a case of mistaken identity.