Holidays At Legoland

We were given some Legoland tickets a while back, so we decided to use them to check out the holiday decorations.

Although the boys have outgrown most of the rides, they still had a good time. Especially at the end of the night, when we rode the Ninjago ride over and over, until the park closed.


First 5th Grade Band Performance

After only 3 months of once-a-week classes, the band was ready to put on their first concert. They sounded great!

Some of the songs they performed:


Jungle Bell Lights

During the holidays, the Zoo celebrates with Jungle Bells, where it decorates with light displays and remains open late so visitors can enjoy them.

The animals were all asleep once the sun went down, so there wasn’t much to see besides the lights, but it was an interesting experience.

I’m amazed any of my photos turned out, because I was shooting in the dark with no flash.



Another nice and sunny San Diego Christmas. In the morning, the boys opened their presents. Then we headed to Eddie and Sally’s house in the afternoon, for Christmas dinner and a few more presents.


Gems And Electromagnetism

We started off the afternoon looking at some beautiful gems on display in the Nat’s new minerals exhibit. Then we went up to the roof to check out the view, which was open to the public for the holiday week.

Next, we headed across the plaza to the Fleet, to play with electromagnetism. The boys learned how a telegraph works and practiced their Morse code skills.