3rd Grade Holiday Party

I managed to snap some photos of Connor while I was running the “stack the hex nuts” station. The kids had a sugar filled chaotic blast.


Christmas 2019

The boys got a lot of books this year, as well as a few games and Legos.

Santa was a little more fun. Connor got a cool R2D2 robot to construct, build the circuits to bring it to life, and then program using his tablet! Gavin got a radar gun so he can monitor his progress to being a fast enough pitcher to draft.

After our morning presents, we headed down south to the traditional Loera Family gathering, for dinner and more presents.


Portland: Ladd Family Christmas

All the PNW Ladds gathered at my sister Courtney’s house to eat dinner, open presents, and watch the Seahawks lose. The camera loves my little niece Braelyn!