Baseball Game


Gavin is 2 months old


Where is all the stuff going?

For the people who actually read this blog and haven’t heard yet, my little family is moving from Mercer Island, WA (by Seattle) to Bakersfield, CA.

Gavin is supervising the packing laborers to make sure we do it all correctly.


Fun With Daddy’s Socks


Hanging Out At Grandma And Grandpa’s House

Grandma and Grandpa Ladd put us up in their guest room for a week while we were getting settled into our apartment. Gavin enjoyed his time with his Great Grandma and Grandpa very much and probably is sad that he doesn’t get to see them everyday now (but hopefully will get to see them at least every week).


Cute But Leaky


Balboa Park Botanical Building

Looking at some pretty flowers during my last get away before I start my new job.


New Party Tricks

By Aliciana:
Gavin has learned to turn on his side recently. He usually does this while on his play mat. Before we know it he’ll be rolling over. His other new trick is gurgling while trying to talk.


Gavin Playing With Monkey

By Aliciana:


Mmmm Fingers

By Aliciana:
Look, I almost have all my fingers in my mouth.