Baby’s First Christmas


Gavin’s First Easter Basket

Of course, Gavin had more fun with the paper grass in the basket than with his new book or the rabbit his Grandma Toni and Grandpa Rick gave him. The things that make the most mess are always the most fun.


Easter Dinner


Halloween 2009

My son Gavin (Duck), my little brother AJ (Thomas The Train), and my little sister Michaela (Princess) are all dressed up and ready to get some candy.


Christmas Eve 2009


Opening Christmas Gifts


Easter 2010

The Ladd clan got together for an Easter potluck at Aunt Susie’s house. Gavin had a blast hunting for Easter eggs in Aunt Susie’s beautiful backyard ferns.


Fourth of July

By Aliciana:

During our 4th of July festivities, Grandpa & Grandma Ladd wanted to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday, Mervyn Morris, by lighting 90 candles for his 90th birthday.


Halloween Monkey

Gavin decided he wanted to be a monkey this year for Halloween. I don’t think he understood why he was dressing up, but probably just thought it sounded like a good idea to dress up like a monkey and eat candy.

We ended up only going to two houses, our friends down the street, Melissa and Jamie, and our Grandpa and Grandma Ladds’ house. He was having so much fun running around his great grandparents’ house like a monkey he didn’t want to go out and get more candy.


Christmas Tree Decorations

I managed to get a few photos of Gavin putting ornaments on our Christmas tree before my camera battery ran out. He liked putting ornaments on the tree so much that we had problems stopping him from taking them off, then putting them back on, over and over.