Angels Vs. Tigers

We caught an Angels baseball game in Anaheim. Gavin was excited to see his favorite ball player, Mike Trout, and the rest of the team. The Angels ended up beating the Tigers by a run (2 – 1).

After the game both boys got to run the bases. Gavin has now run the bases at Angels Stadium and Dodger Stadium. It was Connor’s first time but he was quite proud of himself when he made it all the way to home plate.


Angels vs Rangers

We drove to Anaheim and caught one last baseball game for the season. The Angels beat the Texas Rangers 7 to 0. Gavin even got to see his hero Mike Trout hit a home run. The boys had fun running the bases after the game.


Angels vs Astros

We caught an Angels game up in Anaheim and it just didn’t want to end. The Angels ended up losing to the Astros in the 13th inning. By that point, even Gavin was ready for the game to be over. But we stuck around, so that the kids could run the bases, and dream that they were in the big leagues.


Angels Vs Giants

Instead of a party, Gavin wanted to catch an Angels game to celebrate his birthday. We got to see Mike Trout hit a two run home run. Unfortunately, those were the only runs the Angels scored. They ended up losing the game with a score of 4-2.