First Trip To Legoland

I loved playing with Legos as a kid (and honestly still do when I get the chance) so it wasn’t hard for the boys to talk me into going to Legoland.

Connor’s mind was blown; his favorite thing to do currently is build robots out of Duplo Legos. Everywhere he looked there were “Lego robots”, as he says. He could have spent all day just looking at all the Lego models and playing with the room full of Duplo Legos, even if there wasn’t any rides.

Gavin also enjoyed Legoland but he was most interested in the rides. He got to drive a bumper car around a race track and went on his first (little) roller coaster.

We also went to the Sea Life Aquarium, because it was part of the package deal we got, but that can be safely skipped. There are much better aquariums around, such as the Birch Aquarium at UCSD.

The boys had so much fun we ended up “upgrading” our entrance tickets to annual passes. SO, now we get to go see the “Lego robots” any time we want.




Legoland Christmas Decorations


Legoland Water Park

It was the first time we got to experience the Legoland Water Park. As expected, the boys had a blast.

We finished off the day enjoying the rest of Legoland. It was Connor’s first time driving!

Connor driving:

The boys on the Dune Raiders slide:


4th of July At Legoland

We spent our 4th of July having fun at Legoland. We saw the new One World Trade Center skyscraper unveiled in Miniland. The boys had a blast doing a special 4th of July scavenger hunt. After hanging out all day, we were treated to a fireworks show after the sun went down.

Legoland helicopter ride:



Another Summer Day At Legoland

Getting some more use out of our Legoland annual passes.


Fall At Legoland


Connor Daddy Day At Legoland

Gavin was off at a Padres game with a buddy of his, so Connor and I had a day together at Legoland. He had a blast getting to choose everything we did and getting all the attention 😉


Building At Legoland

The boys wanted to visit Legoland to build at their various Lego build stations, so we headed over to Carlsbad. We also got to check out the Christmas decorations.


After Christmas Legoland

We made a trip to Legoland so the boys could enjoy some special Christmas holiday events going on. They colored some Christmas tree ornaments and did a scavenger hunt to earn a few holiday pop badges.