First Day Of School

Gavin started 2nd grade in Mrs. Hiel’s class. Connor gets to spend 3 days a week in Mrs Patwa’s preschool class. Both boys were very excited to start school at Turtleback Elementary.


Connor’s Preschool Class

Aliciana took some pictures of the students in Mrs Patwa’s preschool class having fun while learning.


Halloween At Turtleback

Aliciana was on hand to take pictures of the Halloween parade at Turtleback, as well as Halloween crafting fun taking place in Gavin’s and Connor’s classes.


2nd Grade Multicultural Festival

Aliciana snapped some photos of the Multicultural Festival put together by the 2nd grade classes at Turtleback.

Every 2nd grader brought in a traditional food item from one of the countries of their ancestors. Gavin brought one of my favorite foods from Germany: bratwurst. Delicious!


Gavin Wins A Character Award

Gavin won a character award from Turtleback for “fairness”, which Aliciana was able to see him get awarded. Every month, the principal awards students who represent one of Turtleback’s character pillars.


Preschool Valentine’s Day Party

Pictures taken by Aliciana of the preschoolers having a blast at their party. They made heart shaped pancakes with strawberries, as well as doing other fun crafts.


2nd Grade Valentine’s Day Party

Aliciana took photos while helping out at Gavin’s Valentine’s Day party.


Gavin’s Science Fair Project

For the science fair this year, Gavin experimented with various objects to investigate which properties impact how fast they fall (not in a vacuum). He won an honorable mention… good job little scientist Bub!

Photos by Aliciana:


Gavin’s Science Fair Award

Gavin won an honorable mention for his science fair project about gravity. Good job Bub!


Apex Fun Run Rally

Aliciana was on hand to take some photos of an Apex Fun Run rally at Turtleback.