Aliciana’s San Diego Trip: Part 1

By Aliciana:
The kids love taking pictures.


Aliciana’s San Diego Trip: Part 2

By Aliciana:


Aliciana’s San Diego Trip: Part 3

By Aliciana:
Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad!!! We celebrated the day with family and friends with a party at home. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor party. And it was great to see and spend time with people that I have not seen in a while.


Aliciana’s San Diego Trip: Part 4

By Aliciana:

Day after the big party. Wow, were we all tired. We spent the day laying around.


Aliciana’s San Diego Trip: Part 5

By Aliciana:

Kristel and I were brave enough to take the four older boys to the San Diego Zoo. This was Marco and Cesar’s first time to the zoo. We all had a fun time and I enjoyed spending time with my nephews.


Aliciana’s San Diego Trip: Part 6

By Aliciana:
I took a few pictures of the passion plant at my parent’s house. Chris was wondering what the flower and its fruit looked like. Also took a couple of pictures of Mount St. Helens from the airplane.


Leavenworth Christmas Celebrations


Balboa Park Botanical Building

Looking at some pretty flowers during my last get away before I start my new job.


San Diego Trip

The family and I traveled down to San Diego to celebrate little Jesse and Angelina’s birthdays. Gavin enjoyed his time with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and crazy cousins.


Santa Barbara Zoo