Soccer: Dinosaurs vs Gold Lightening

The dinosaurs had their new team banner on display today. Unfortunately, Connor’s name was misspelled, but there wasn’t much we could do about that.


Little League: TNT vs Green

Gavin pitching some strikes:


Kindergarten Holiday Performance and Party

Connor and the rest of the kindergarten kiddos did a great job singing at their holiday performance. Afterwards, they headed back to class to enjoy hot chocolate and build some fun crafts.

The kindergarten kids singing their hearts out:

Fun and chaos at the after performance party:


Christmas 2016

Present unwrapping pandemonium with our boys in the morning, and in the evening with the whole Loera clan at Eddie and Sally’s house.


Kindergarten Valentine’s Day Party

I was lucky enough to get to take in the crafting chaos during Connor’s Valentine’s Day party, before having to head to work. The kiddos spread around a lot of love.

Craft stations:

Spreading the love:


Gavin’s 3rd Grade Performance

The 3rd Grade classes sang a bunch of Broadway musical numbers for this year’s performance. Gavin did well up there in front of everyone, even though singing isn’t his favorite thing to do. The kids must have put in a lot of work all year long to memorize both the songs (9 of them!) and the movements.

A few of the Broadway numbers the kids performed:


Connor’s Kindergarten Performance

The Turtleback kindergarten classes invited all their parents to have a nice picnic on the lawn by the school’s friendship garden. After everyone got settled in and ate some food, the kiddos performed a cute arrangement of songs they have been learning with Mr. Lee, their music teacher (playing guitar in the videos below).

It was a beautiful evening and they did a magnificent job! After the show, the parents got to visit and tour the friendship garden while the kids ran around and played.

A few of the songs they sang (sorry they are shaky):


Daddy Day In Kindergarten

All the dads in the Room 5 family were invited to a Daddy Day celebration in the morning. Connor and the other Room 5 kids performed a cute play and sang us songs. Then we all got to go outside and enjoy a donut. Yummy!

The kiddos singing to us:


Sequoia: Beetle Rock

Beetle Rock is a fun place to climb around on and enjoy the views. Gavin loved coming here when he was a toddler. We even threw around the baseball a little bit.

Earlier in the day, we went for a hike in the snow. The boys had run throwing chunks of it into a creek:


Baseball Time

The boys had games at the exact same time… so we spent a lot of time running back and forth between fields.