Beating The Heat

Staying cool at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.


First Day Of 6th And 3rd Grade

It’s hard to believe Gavin is already in middle school, starting 6th grade at Oak Valley. Connor is excited to be in Mrs Cunningham’s class for 3rd grade this year at Turtleback. Have a great school year boys!


Chicago: Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve

We filled the time before our flight home by going for a hike in an Illinois forest. Then we visited beautiful Lake Katherine and the creatures at its nature center and gardens.


Chicago: History Museum and Lincoln Park

The family and I learned all about Chicago in their city’s history museum. After it closed, we walked though Lincoln park and briefly visited the zoo in the park, before it closed for the day.


Chicago: Cubs

I actually wasn’t a big fan of Wrigley Field, which was small and many of the seats had obstructed views. We had some of the highest seats in the stadium, and it still cost a fortune.

But, the Cubs fans made up for the stadium’s deficiencies. It was a sold out crowd that watched and cheered for every pitch. When the Cubs beat the Brewers, the atmosphere was electric.

Afterward the game, we visited the Cubs’ World Series trophy.


Chicago: Fermilab and Lake Michigan

During the early afternoon we visited Fermilab, to learn about particle physics, the experiments they are conducting, and visiting their bison herd.

We visited two new states with our late afternoon and evening, driving along the bottom of the lake through Indiana and into Michigan.

The boys got to stick their feet in Lake Michigan, which was about the temperature of the Pacific Ocean.


Chicago: Museum Of Science And Industry

We spent the day at the MSI, one of the largest science museums in the world. It was filled an amazingly wide breadth of exhibits, everything from exhibits about weather, farming tech, genetics, cars, space, and even a German U-Boat.


Chicago: White Sox

Guaranteed Rate Field is the 11th MLB stadium we have visited as a family. It was a nice stadium, good parking and well laid out.

We had a great game, the tickets were super cheap, even on the field level, and our seats were in the shade. The boys and I even got up on the giant video scoreboard during the “Kids Cam”!

Unfortunately, the White Sox didn’t have as good of game as we did. The Mets shut them out with a score of 4 to 0.

The boys getting their pitch speeds:


Chicago: Shedd Aquarium

We went from outer space yesterday to being under the sea today, with our visit to the Shedd Aquarium. We all got to pet string rays and sturgeons, saw an awesome beluga whale show, and looked at more kinds of fish than you could imagine.

I also discovered that it is very difficult to take pictures of fish in their tanks.


Chicago: Adler Planetarium

Today’s museum was the Adler Planetarium. We explored exhibits about telescopes, the planets, the Gemini and Apollo missions, and the formation of the universe.

The highlight of the trip was the two planetarium shows we watched, one about the Moon and another where we were “tourists” visiting different locations in the solar system. Our brains were crammed full of space science by the time we left.