Sequoia: Moro Rock

We spent the entire day hiking, first heading up to Moro Rock, a giant dome-shaped granite formation above the Giant Forest. We stopped along the way to eat lunch by Hanging Rock, hanging out on the side of a granite cliff with some lizards.

Once we got up to Moro Rock, we still had to climb the 600 steps that were carved into the granite, to get to the very top. A first Connor acted scared, but then it was like a switch flipped, and he became a little dare devil, practically running up the steps.

After enjoying the breath-taking views and getting back down to the ground, we went on a long hike through the giant trees in Crescent Meadows. We were all completely exhausted by the time we got back to our car. All-in-all, we at least hiked 9 miles this day.


Sequoia: Grant Grove

We spent most of today in Grant Grove, visiting the General Grant tree and hiking around the trails in the grove. The boys also had fun playing in the little bit of snow still on the ground.


Sequoia: General Sherman Tree

Having driven to Bakersfield the day before, we spent the morning visiting with my Grandma. Then we drove up to Sequoia in the afternoon, checked into the Waksachi Lodge, and at dinner there after unloading our stuff.

After dinner, we went to the Giant Forest to visit General Sherman, the largest living tree by volume. We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Once the sun went down, we headed a little further up the mountain to Wolverton, to look at the stars.


Easter 2018

All the kids had fun coloring eggs, hunting for plastic ones filled with candy, and playing at their Grandma and Grandpa’s house.


Apex Fun Run 2018

Aliciana was on-hand most the day to help at the Fun Run and take photos. The boys looked exhausted running all those laps.

Connor ran 56 laps (3.5 miles) and Gavin ran 73 laps (4.56 miles)!


Saturday Evening Baseball

During Connor’s game, he ended up running to home even though he was supposed to stop at third (Single A rules). He said he was Jackie Robinson because he stole home. The coaches let him have it.

Gavin’s team finally one their first game, which was against the Tin Caps. The team is starting to learn how to play together.