Aliciana’s Disney Birthday

We spent the day before Aliciana’s birthday at Disneyland, so she could celebrate it like a princess. Everything was decorated for the holidays and the castle looked beautiful with all the lights.

The boys got to paddle the canoes for the first time, and I got soaked when I went on Splash Mountain with Gavin. The new Star Wars land has an amazing atmosphere to walk around in; it really felt like you were on a remote outpost on some alien world.


Hunting Platypuses

The Safari Park is the new home of 2 platypuses, the only 2 outside of Australia. The zoo had been working on getting them for over 100 years, as it was a dream of the founder to have some.

Unfortunately, it was quite dark in their exhibit (they are nocturnal), and I had a huge line of people behind me, so I didn’t get any good photos of them. The exhibit had only been open one day, so hopefully next time I go I will have more time to try to get a better shot.


Hanging Out At The Zoo

Making new friends at the Zoo, such as the spurred tortoises, Mickey the umbrella cockatoo, anteater, gerenuk, and reindeer.


Fall Ball: Royal Heaters vs Poway


Halloween 2019

Connor was José Altuve of the Astros and Gavin was the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani.


Fall Ball: Poison Ivy vs Rancho Bernardo

Gavin pitched the last inning, getting all three outs with strike outs.


Fall Ball: Royal Heaters vs Poway


Fall Ball: Poison Ivy vs Carmel Mountain

Gavin was brought in with bases loaded and got 2 strikeouts. Then he pitched the next inning and rang up another two Ks.

One of Gavin’s strikeouts:


Beating The Heat

Staying cool at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.


First Day Of 6th And 3rd Grade

It’s hard to believe Gavin is already in middle school, starting 6th grade at Oak Valley. Connor is excited to be in Mrs Cunningham’s class for 3rd grade this year at Turtleback. Have a great school year boys!